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Dear Fellow Stewards of God’s Ministry:

One thing my parents always taught me, and I am sure all of us have heard it over and over again when we were young is: Say Thank You! It seems easy, these three little words which often became a matter of habit; however to cultivate a grateful heart is more than “saying thank you” it is a life-long challenge that hopefully becomes integrated into our lives so that a sense of gratefulness becomes intentional, deliberate, a gateway to loving and serving as Jesus did. In this Year of Mercy, we are reminded of the “great benefactor” who invites us to accept the risen Jesus into our lives ... even if we have been far away ... all we need do is take a step toward him; he awaits with open arms (Pope Francis). No matter how far we may feel we have created a distance within our selves, others, and God, God never abandons us nor does his generous love ever fail us!

Our experience of mercy moves and empowers us to extend ourselves to others that they too may come to know the Risen Christ and the all inclusive mercy of our God, and also moves us to regenerate with a grateful heart the sharing of our time and treasure. This year’s Pastoral Services Appeal is not simply about a pledge or the sharing of treasure, it is a response to the mercy of God. We have all walked the Road to Emmaus ... the road of broken dreams, shattered hopes, and unbelievable disappointments and brokenness. Like the disciples whose lives seem to hit rock bottom, soon discover that the Risen Jesus was with them through the shadows of their lives, and ... their hearts filled with the joy moved them to realize that the mercy of God is not ever lost or exhausted. Their stewardship was one of proclamation: The Lord has Risen! We are invited to share from our own experience of despair and lost hope how the Risen Christ has never abandoned us even in our darkest hour, and it is ... opening the eyes of hearts, like the disciples on the Road to Emmaus we come to recognize the Risen Christ ... and say: ...Thank you Jesus! Thank you, Lord! As we journey together with Gratitude, we ask you to express the same mercy that we have all experienced, so others who still walk the road of Emmaus and seem lost and without hope will discover the Risen Christ by our support of our Diocesan and Parish Ministries and the development of Youth, and the maintenance of our facilities in order to share the mercy of God beyond our Saint Angela Merici through the Pastoral Services Appeal (PSA).

Our Parish assessment is $101,000. Please consider responding in mercy and gratefulness by sharing $350. PSA envelopes will be available in the pews or you may go to the Parish website and pledge on line. After we have met our goal, all stewardship is returned to Saint Angela Merici. Reflect on your own walk to Emmaus and extend mercy to those who are still making that journey. Be the very ... open arm of Jesus ... be the one who encourages someone to move toward Jesus ... be the one who assures our God never abandons anyone and it is His desire that no one is left on the side or excluded, or unloved. The Pastoral Services Appeal is an avenue of Gratefulness that enables us to lead others into the heart of God’s mercy. Respond in Gratefulness. Respond in Mercy. Respond because we are apostles of mercy. Respond because by touching and soothing the wounds of today that affect the bodies and souls of many of our sisters and brothers, we profess Jesus and make him present and alive and allow others by the touch of his mercy to recognize Jesus and Lord and God!

Father Michael Dwight

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